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A lone continent surrounded by vast seas has been the subject of war for centuries. Nations have been vying for relics and land left by an ancient race that once unified the land, though they disappeared as quickly as they once arrived.

Then, one fateful day, the Mechanical Horde arrived in the south and ravaged the continent. They made quick work of the southern nations, reducing them to a barren wasteland. Their aim seemed to be the ancient's capital city at the centre of the continent. The nation of Centra had a last resort weapon, nobody knows exactly what the weapon was, but in an instant both the Mechanical Horde and the nation of Centra disappeared. Every structure and house left vacant, as if they had vanished instantly.
But in response to the sudden disappearance, something else appeared. A magical Element was discovered below the earth, Etherium.
In the earliest days, Etherium was used as a catalyst for Alchemy by druids and healers, but after years of experimenting, it was found to be an amazing source of energy, creating a magic-industrial revolution in the depths of this world's Dark Age.
40 years later, after much experimentation, forwarding of the sciences and an arms race lasting 2 decades, almost resulting in catastrophic human losses, the nation's representatives came together to sign the Attraxan Accord, a rules of engagement meaning that no nation can put civilians at risk, among other things.
The Continent knows this for fact, the one who takes full control over Centra, its machines and its industry will have the power to rule the whole Continent, maybe even cross the seas and take the rest of the yet unknown world.

Strange beings have also started to appear, not directly meddling or interfering but offering power to those who aid in their mission and all that they asked was that they keep to the Accord. Soldiers clad in plate and maille stand shoulder to shoulder with riflemen and grenadiers. Knights dismount from armored vehicles and shields block bullet-stones as much as blades in a clash for the greatest element since the discovery of Gold or Steel.
That's where you come in......

Tanklarp Live Action Roleplay

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